Hi, we are BrightValley Team, and our mission is to make Georgia an international technological & innovation hub

We are supporting businesses in relocating from other regions and in establishing and running new ventures
in Georgia
Georgia is one of the most business-friendly countries in Europe. One-year visa-free entry to the country, no need for working permits for expatriates and successful government measures in creating special tax regimes for IT companies also with friendly and hospitable atmosphere made it perhaps the most attractive destination for relocation of IT-related businesses.

For a long time Georgia has been a place with a very high level of development of culture and creative industries - Georgian art, design, animation and performing arts are famous across the Globe for over half of the century.

Combining it all together we are building a new European scale cluster for IT-related and creative industries which should become a major center of attraction for modern businesses and highly qualified professionals in software and systems development, product and project management, digital design and UI/UX, IT infrastructure, advertising and creative technologies, design and modern art.
Who we are
expert in technologies, strategy, corporate and
anti-crisis management
Had a track of successful projects in tech industries including aviation, manufacturing and IT. Used to work on leading positions in US, Ukraine and Russia in media, ad tech and big-data corporations and start-ups, like VDX.tv (former AdoTube), IVI.ru and others
a business consultant and entrepreneur
Provided consulting services for large-scale companies for more than eleven years, including representing the interests of the DAEWOO, Mail.Ru Group and Yandex in Georgia
serial entrepreneur
Over the past ten years created three successful companies in media, software and e-commerce. Two successful exits. Mentor and advisor in several startups
What we do
Our aim is to provide assistance for IT-companies and start-ups from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other countries, so they could quickly open a legal entity in Georgia, arrange bank accounts, find locations for offices and housing for employees, avoid moving-related routine and legal issues and start working as soon as possible.

We can help with the relocation of IT-related and creative businesses in any field and of any size from 10 to over 1,000 people. And for offices under 100 people the relocation process may be completed in just about two weeks.

Our services for businesses include:
  • Support with incorporation
  • Choosing the right taxation system
  • Opening a bank account (important!)
  • Supervision in renting an office
  • Legal support and advisory
  • Personnel search and HR consulting
  • General support for management and shareholders

We also provide a total support for relocation of employees, including:
  • Providing with local cellphone and internet connection
  • Support with housing rentals
  • Opening a bank account
  • Taxation advisory
  • Choosing right medical insurance
  • Concierge service for everyday tasks
  • Registration of a residence permit
  • Support with local driving license
  • Large community of expatriates for communication and mutual assistance

In addition to relocating of foreign businesses to Georgia we are actively working with local community and government institutions to expand interaction between newly arrived companies and local business environment. We are sure that by joint efforts we will be able to turn Georgia into a prosperous business hub, bringing benefits to its participants and all residents of this hospitable country.
For Business
Help to incorporate
Tax consulting
Bank account
Renting an office
Legal support and advisory
Personnel search and HR consulting
Founders and management club
Help to incorporate
Incorporation of companies in Georgia became more complicated due to latest events and a huge flow of businesses wishing to relocate. But Georgia is still remaining one of the best places for doing business with its low taxes and strong relations with European Union, US and China.

We provide a turnkey business incorporation solutions in Georgia for businesses of a different scale:

  • Direct incorporation for companies of any size from EU, US and Ukraine.
  • Direct incorporation for large scale businesses from Offshore states, Russia and Belarus .
  • Incorporation via purchasing of existing legal entities in Georgia for mid-sized companies and start-ups from Offshore states, Russia and Belarus.
  • Proxy incorporation via temporary use of an existing local company with subsequent direct incorporation for smaller scale businesses and start-ups.

Any business will be able to start operations in Georgia within one week (in worst case scenarios - within two weeks) and the whole incorporation process will be fully supervised by our experts.
Tax consulting
Georgia has one of the most business-friendly tax systems in Eastern Europe in general and a couple of special economic zones for IT businesses makes it virtually a European IT off-shore zone.

Our experts will guide you through the process of choosing and registration of the right taxation form or help with getting a free economic zone status (like Virtual Zone or International Company).
Bank account
Getting an account in Georgian bank is a #1 challenge for any new business today, especially related to companies and shareholders from Russia, Belarus and offshore states - almost all banks are refusing to open an account due to unspoken internal regulations. Also getting accounts for employees relocated from Russia and Belarus is an extremely difficult task too with over 50% refusal rate for personal accounts.

But even in this complex situation we are able to provide you with right and completely legal solutions for banking in Georgia and helping to receive a proper bank accounts and services for your business and your employees here.
Renting an office
Our vast network of partners in real estate and development allows us to get access to almost all available office spaces in Georgian main cities: Tbilisi - the capital city of Georgia, Batumi and Kutaisi.
No matter if you are looking for renting or purchasing the office, we will handle all the processes starting from finding the appropriate space tailored for your needs, signing the contract, connecting to all utilities and supervising your moving in. Premises renovation services are also at your request.
Legal support and advisory
Beside incorporation process, our lawyers will provide a full service with all necessary and optional legal requests, like:

  • Permanent employment agreements or mid/short-term limited working contracts
  • Office renting contracts
  • Supply contracts for goods and services
  • Service and daily routine contracts
  • Commercial contracts
  • Registration in government institutions
  • Support in any kind of legal actions
Personnel search and HR consulting
Due to the latest events tens of thousands of highly skilled employees fleeded to Georgia from top companies of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Thousands of them are seeking for a new job so personnel search for your business in Georgia has never been easier!

Our network of contacts among expatriates and local IT community is allowing us to swiftly fill vacancies in the following industries:

  • Software development
  • Product management
  • Project management
  • Software and IT-systems testing
  • UI/UX
  • Design of interfaces and digital products
  • System Architecture
  • DevOps
  • Media and creative
  • Advertising and creative
  • Video production
  • Digital advertising
Founders and management club
Having a network of contacts among local and relocating business people and decision makers, is an important aspect of successful operation in a new country. We provide management and shareholders of businesses within Bright Valley Hub with the direct access to the right people, communities and closed events to maintain an effective networking, solve problems and develop new opportunities.
For Employees
Bank account
Sim cards and internet
Real estate support
Tax payer's number
Medical insurance
Concierge service
Residence permit
Driver license
Community of expatriates
Bank account
Opening a personal bank account in Georgia has become very difficult in recent months, takes a lot of time and often ends in failure. Many relocating specialists spend weeks trying to open a regular account, and as a result either do not get it at all, or receive a banking product that is limited in functionality and does not allow them to freely conduct ordinary transactions.

But despite this, for all employees of companies moving to Georgia as part of the Bright Valley Hub initiative our team will ensure the opening of personal bank accounts hassle-free and within just a few days.
Sim cards and internet
Getting connected is one of the most important needs in 21st century. Georgia has a great coverage of LTE / 4G+ networks with speeds up to 150 Mbps from your cellphone and cheap tariff plans with unlimited traffic.
Our assistants will provide your employees with local 4G+ SIM cards with unlimited data plans from day one, so your team will stay seamlessly connected.

Georgian mobile carriers allow mobile hot-spots so your laptop will stay connected too. Additional 4G-WiFi modems are available upon request. Our team will also provide all of your employees with assistance in getting home internet connection.
Real estate support
Getting an apartment in Georgia is getting more and more difficult and costly and expensive due to massive inflow of expatriates from nearby countries. Especially if you want to rent an apartment in Tbilisi, finding the good option may take quite significant efforts and time. Also some landlords don’t speak foreign languages and don’t deal with foreigners (in some cases even discriminate foreign clients) so having a local support with renting real estate is important. Our team provides competent support in the search for residential real estate, legally correct signing of contracts and in the process of proper transfer of housing.

Please note that one bedroom apartments are currently in a very short supply and were mostly taken in previous weeks. Remaining ones may be quite expensive especially if you are looking for central locations. So in current conditions for budget-conscious people sharing of apartments is highly recommended - there are still plenty of two-, three-, four- and even six-bedroom apartments and houses (mostly with separate bathrooms and in perfect conditions) available for attractive prices.
Tax payer's number
Georgia allows foreign citizens to work in local companies or localized representative offices of foreign companies without special registration at the tax office. That means all employees of the companies relocating within the support of Bright Valley Georgia IT hub will be covered by their companies' registration and stay 100% legal in terms of taxation.
Medical insurance
Georgia has a decent healthcare system with numerous insurance companies and attractive insurance plans. Our team will guide you through the variety of existing tariffs so you can be sure you will choose the one that suits your needs in medical services. Depending on a specific company and plan, you will be covered for up to 90% of all expenses on healthcare services.
Concierge service
The first months of life in an unfamiliar country with a very complex language and its own unique culture can be extremely difficult. Unfortunately only part of employees at local catering, retail and services speak foreign languages and daily routine communication may be an issue. Also local services are not properly presented online so even finding a specific goods, foods or services nearby via google maps may be challenging.

To facilitate adaptation in a new place, we offer a concierge service to relocating employees of companies that will help to:

  • Order food from cafes and restaurants
  • Find shops and restaurants for specific requests
  • Order goods from supermarket
  • Find household services like cleaning, water delivery etc
  • Locate medical facilities and arrange doctor's appointment
  • Find specific goods not available in regular supermarkets
  • Book tables in cafes or restaurants
  • Buy tickets for different events
  • Other services that requires good knowledge of Georgian language

Concierge service is available during working hours and in the evening.
Residence permit
Georgia allows a one year visa-free entry with full rights of a temporary resident - right to work and use local services and infrastructure. You can easily:
  • work in local or foreign companies,
  • open bank accounts, use debit cards, make international money transfers
  • buy sim-card of local cellphone provider and use home internet
  • use your national driving license or apply for a local one
  • purchase medical insurance plan and use local medical infrastructure
  • register and run your own business
  • use the majority of services available for Georgian citizens (except for taking part in political and election system)
After the expiration of the initial one year visa-free entry you just need to leave the country for just a few hours - for example, go on a shopping tour to neighboring Turkey or on an excursion to Armenia - and you can again live and work in Georgia for one year.

But you can still have a number of reasons leading to the need to obtain an official residence permit. Temporary residency can be obtained, in particular, through official employment in a local company or the acquisition of real estate. In all cases, our lawyers will provide you with professional support and guide you through the process of applying for residency until the receipt of documents.
Driver license
If your native driving license has English transliteration you can use it to drive in Georgia. You can also apply for a local one and pass tests in Georgian, English or Russian languages.
Community of expatriates
Main Georgian cities - Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi offers a variety of clubs and communities for expatriates: starting from general Telegram chats for thousands of people up to targeted interest groups - for moms and children, for pet owners, for sport fans etc - everyone could find a community of interests in their native or familiar language.

All big cities offer a variety of offline events and meetups - something is happening almost every day and social life is very active all year around.
After Colmar and Athens, Europe's best destination in 2020 has become Tbilisi
Our Contacts
Feel free to write and call us. We will personally reply to all requests.
King David Business Center
12 Merab Aleksidze St,
Tbilisi, Georgia
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